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pronounced "groovy"
Fantastic names for music-related business, app, radio station, software, etc.)
There are no 4-letter domain names that are .com and not already registered by someone.
Very few of those names can be spoken as identifiable English words.
GRVI is speakable - AND it is brandable and associated with lots of areas of business, including anything groovy LOL.

Fun, delivery-related name for pizza or anything else

So very many uses for this name!

This is a great name for a new store with great prices!

They sell almost everything in drug stores in the U.S.!
A generic name that, being a domain name,
becomes the brand name of a line of stores.

Brandable names with no meaning
that sound good are very popular and harder
and harder to find – especially with
so few characters as these.

Because names that are cute and mention pets and colors are always popular. This is the next brand.

These imply 'spunk”, generally a good thing in app names and websites.

This is such a name, that is appropriate for a search engine BUT ALSO for an app that looks for anyone or anything (what one searches can be millions of different things and people.)

This name is a great name for a computer program, a social networking website, a GPS  based hook up service, or anything involving or suggesting “connections.”

This name is either a social network name or a people/photos of people search name.

This name used to mean “talking about rap music”.
It's a great name for a music-related show.

"Hey, I'm horny."
This is Pig Latin for 'horny.'

Pig Latin for 'movies'.
Easy to remember name for movie listing site
with advertising phrase "MAY I go to the movies?"

and a website to download (DL) latest movie scripts.

THE perfect high-end, memorable, friendly name for a new Paypal.  PayELF.

Great name for anything about
photographs of our time. Or photographers.
Or magazines like People with lots of pictures.

"Help! SOS! Everyone who can, save yourselves!"
in French.  Magnificent name
for any kind of website
that can help in any way those who need help.

You know everyone wants that song!

A wonderful name for the next spam filter.
The name suggests “Scram spam” in a sort of sideways Pig Latin. AND, well,
it just sounds good and will be repeated,
it is also the perfect name for any app about “getting out of here” as in sending texts to bothersome suitors.

THE name for a music group or venue or...

This is a great company or game or movie or app name, made of Begin and Infinity, merged.

Great big-business name:
The name implies profit, confidant,
pro, professor, confident..


Perfect names for LOTS of things –
great to say and only FIVE letters each!
(also put in Writing and in Journalism)

A site with things you gotta do throughout life – registrations, legal processes, social obligations, etc. This website will have tremendous opportunity for advertising. I wanted to make it, but I have no time. I love the name, which sounds like “things I've got to do -  GOTTADOS.
(also put in Social Media)

A place to post positive messages to anyone –
the new social network website.
"Wuboo", said aloud, means “I love you”.

With online purchases being so very common,
there is a need for a new company name for shipping.
This names is memorable and can be
associated with something trendy-
the name sounds like “tough shit.”

Who doesn't want to be the entertainment venue or company or hotel or resort that is this?

Something that is or should be everywhere. A great brandable name implying “ubiquitous” with emphasius on “YOU”.

Phrases from the multitudes (or variants of them - for advertising, blogging, etc.)
note: We sold to Disney.

Cable television with great commentators (e.g. MSNBC) needs this name.

THE name for THE news network:

Perfect names for video cam of
person named Cammi, in dress or without,
or in camisoles.
The name is also perfect for memory and
visual appeal and is a great app name
for a video product.
A big new field.

Bringing your dog with you on vacation is becoming very widespread as more families consider their dog a family member.
(also under travel)

Business name for an editor, transcriptionist, eprinter, ghost writer, etc. 
It is a name a writer can refer to: "My new editor
told me my book is really good."


Maindo is Domain. Maindo implies dough, which implies money. 
You can buy it soon.

Name for North Carolina lottery
(list of winning numbers perhaps?)
that can include other betting
websites that pay for referrals:
potential high money maker


Are they here yet - paper batteries?

Relates to 360 degree iPhone camera as well as possible dating site with photos of all sides of a person (plus multiple categories for “360 degree” text information.)

These are for listings of prepaid legal services or attorneys who pay the list holder to be listed, offering such services.

Computer programs or other programs, that are made for and/or by professionals!

Many people sell their own homes. They need attorneys who can help them with the legal paperwork for FSBO (For Sale By Owner) property transfers as well as legal advice about many aspects of the sales process (without the expense of a real estate professional)
AND they need a guide to the FSBO process.

There are several areas
known as Eastern Shore.
All have real estate professionals
nd most have tourism
(and thus, rental income.)

Real estate is such a big field,
that will continue forever.
This can be the name for the big Mother
of a real estate website.

Perfect name for a click-through advertising business, app, program, etc. “The loudest clicks on the Web.” “...for shouts heard around the world..”

This is a phrase that is trending
in advertising circles. Advertising
companies continue to make
and have money even ALWAYS..
Websites and blogs and publications about advertising can use these titles.

Selling joins journalism – a new
but well-established trend.


“Product placement” refers to embedded marketing, as when an actor drinks a Coke in a movie (and the Coke logo is clear on the beverage or the name “Coke” is used.) There is money to be made in this.  
Yep, vinyl records are back. BUT of course 'record' is also a name for many other things. This can be to attract those who want to place product placement within records OR for those who want to place their records within movies and videos and, well, even other records.




These are the perfect names for broadband services and cell phone services.
Sell them now to a big company or a planned new one.
("Ballon" is balloon in French.)


Potentially huge market:

(also put in movie writing)


The Pig Latin name for “sell” and thus a perfect name for an online auction, app name to find auctions, or name for anything selling anything.

Churches are looking for members and for ways to connect with potential members who don't want to come to the church building. A website with these names can charge a fee to churches to be listed,
or to have information added to their listings.

A great name for ONE great church!

And another ONE!

And what about Islam congregations online?

A great website that sells all the celebratory and religious needs for the hoidays!



Electric cars require charge stations
to be effectively used for distance driving.
Charge stations are growing.
Someone is looking for a name for
their network of charge stations.

And vehicles running on natural gas are coming.

And smaller cars are trending.

All cars today promise greater gas mileage. Auto manufacturers have the money to buy these domain names to link to a special introductory page to their websites.


Orbiting the planet – YES! It costs money and this agency will make that money.

And get your ticket, for an orbit, or for trips to anywhere on the earth. Easy to say and perfect for an app.


This is the next name for the Hotel (and other travel) website. Hotel plus Elf.
I registered these before that other elf was “out there”
Now it is time for a new elf to be in town.
(needed for those who type in the name wrong)

Travel is HUGE and there is always a need for a new travel website.
(We want them to find us online
even if they can't spell.)

Bringing your dog with you on vacation is becoming very widespread as more families consider their dog a family member.
(also under pets)

Question and answer, 
Is Cyprus part of Greece?
As in modern Greece? No.
It was, however, part of ancient Greece. .
Many tours visit both cuntries, and their tourism is
a major money-maker for both countries..

People like to vacation where they know
they can feel comfortable!
(also under Gay)

The best new drugstore in America, online and/or offline.
(add to Medical and pharmaceutical)

Adult Attention Deficit  Disorder (ADD) medications are money-makers for pharmaceutical businesses. These names will bring in business.

All the same goes for Adult Attention Deficit Hyperative Disorder (ADHD) medications.

When injections for AIDS/HIV prevention are available, there will be much interest. Sell these names now to those companies trying to sell and/or produce the products.

Medical research in universities as well as within pharmaceutical companies needs these names to gain interested clinical trial participants.

Gambling is the next alcoholism. Pharmaceutical businesses are looking into this area.

Simply how to quit smoking.
And/or "Add this to your water bottle as it has nicotine and maybe caffeine in it."

Cigarettes never go away.
Electronic or otherwise nicotine-free,
this is the appropriate website name.
One manufacturer can use it
in and for advertising.
Or someone can find related products
that pay for referrals and/or listings.

Birth control options include gel form. This name is worth money to a pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Men need to be responsible for birth control! Pharmaceutical companies are surely aware of that movement and are planning ahead. Get them competing for these names.

And some women want control of the non-pharmaceutical birth control, the condom.

This name, Pig Latin for “gay”, captures positive words like Aye! As well as 'gay'! A perfect website name that is memorable and app friendly and perfect for lots of uses and can spawn multiple subsites about items and places and hookups appropriate for gay people and those who love them.

The gayest weddings are those put on by the gayest people!

People like to vacation where they know
they can feel comfortable!
(also under Travel)

Women who love women like to spend their money where they are appreciated!


Genes are IN!
note: There is a website for (not ours)

Check out this stuff!

DNA fingerprinting is BIG!

DNA relatives need an 'ancestors' website as well as a connections website. Identifying DNA relatives is trending – even among celebrities, who raise interest in the field.





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